eve of the storm

calm waters, cloudy sky and bountiful harvest... the laguna lake before typhoon Pedring made its landfall in Luzon visited the birthplace of my friend Tata Leo and spent a very relaxing weekend with the people of Barangay Tabon in Talim Island*, Laguna Lake. the said barangay have two sitios, malamig and mainit. the distinction comes from the temperature of the water coming from the poso or water pump, amazing hehehe
but the highlight of the weekend is enjoying the fresh harvest from the lake
servings of sinampalukan at inihaw na kanduli, yummy. the kanduli (catfish species) of laguna lake was so famous during the last decade that they said it costs almost P300 per kilo. i'm wondering why Manilenos always prefer tilapia? inihaw na ayungin. ayungin (silver perch) is one of the threatened fish species in the lake because of pollution and proliferation of exotic aquatic species such as: knife fish (sp unknown) the tilapia and mamali. mamali (bighead carp) is a giant (an adult may weigh almost 13 kilos), scary looking fish.
exotic fishes were introduced by our so-good government to boost the country's food production. eventually these exotic species, intentionally or by accident, got introduced in the wild. without any natural predators these species proliferated in our lakes and freshwater bodies, threatening to extinction many of our natural aquatic species such as the ayungin and biya.
thank Bathala the mamali only eats planktons and plants. at masarap syang iihaw hehehe.
morning, drinking coffee while watching the lake, Mt Makiling and the early fish trade in the barangay.
another hour boat ride back to the mainland, and finally, jamming session in EarthDance Manila to cap the weekend :)
* located in the middle of our largest lake, Talim Island got its unique name because it's shape (or looks) like a "balaraw" or fan knife. the terminal of the boats going to the different barangays of Talim Island is located in Pritil, Binangonan, Rizal. you can also catch passenger boats to the island from Calamba, Laguna.
Laguna Lake

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