always fascinated with our native flora, reading local books and field guides, but alas, have difficulty remembering plant names, more so scientific names. plus the fact that there are more than 14,000 flora species in the country, woooh
mas madaling tandaan ang mga ibon hehehe

very glad to be able to join the 1st "tree walk" of the Philippine Native Plants Conservation Society, an organization dedicated to the promotion and propagation of native species. for three hours, we explore the different areas of UP Diliman campus and visited 60+ native trees. some are lurking inside woodlands and garden patches dominated by exotic plants while others are in plain sight, but still unnoticeable to most passersby and motorists.

encountered native trees such as the buyaboy from Batanes. the leaves are use by the Ivatans to create raincoats and hats

native palm trees - taraw and endemic Manila Palm

native ficus trees, hawili and tangisang-bayawak. ficus trees are the lifeline of the forests, providing ample food to many species of birds and bats

salimbobog. they said that the flower of this tree is more beautiful than Cherry Blossom. can’t wait to see it when it blooms in summer.

the Philippine teak. can only be found in limestone forests of Batangas and Mindoro.

the beautiful shrub Leea guineensis (no local name) and more...

also learned interesting facts on already known native species,

how to distinguish male and female pili tree

mabolo is one of the many kamagong trees

and the narra, our national tree, is also common in our neighbor countries
love the flowers of botong. reminds me of Eywa...

UP Diliman


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