Talaandig Festival

three days of music, dances, art, fun and memorable experience with the Talaandig.

very fortunate that we were able to join the annual festival of one of the colourful indigenous tribes of Bukidnon.

the Talaandig Festival, held every 3rd week of October in their community in Lantapan, is a multi-days event of camaraderie, sharing and festivity.

this year, datus and leaders of other tribes in Bukidnon attended the festival to express their unity towards lasting peace between the different katutubo and Bangsamoro groups in Bukidnon.

the culminating day of the festival started with prayers and singing of Lupang Hinirang in Talaandig language; soothing sound of bamboo flute and energetic beatings of percussion; traditional dances;

sharing of agricultural products, fruits, kakanin and rootcrops, yumyum. stuff myself with lots of nilagang mais, kamote, gabi and green bayabas hehehe;

a tribal wedding;

and kainan ulit after :)

makigulo sa pinakamahirap na palaro - a relay composed of palosebo,

setting up of kalan, roasting, pounding and preparing coffee; and plucking and roasting a chicken, grabe!

kahit matindi ang ulan, everybody are having a great time.

capped the night with more music, jamming and dancing

the Talaandig are warm and happy people

showed us their craftsmanship and award-winning artworks such as soil-paintings

and sculptures;

taught us how to play drums and bamboo flute (i need lots of practice huhuhu);

welcomed us in their jamming sessions;

and best of all, flowing brewed coffee in every home, very nice hehehe.

thanks to our friends Angging and Mavic for the invitation and introducing us to their future community :) and to Soliman and his family for their hospitality.

next year ulit hehehe. balik-balik!

Talaandig Festival


Songco, Lantapan, Bukidnon