Four Waterfalls of Siniloan

Nothing to do on a beautiful day, so why not re-explore the hidden gems of Siniloan, Laguna. Magtanggal din ng kati ng paa haha.  

The destination: Mt. Romelo of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range. 

We started our trek at Barangay Macatad and after more than an hour of navigating the muddy trail, we reached our first stop - Buruwisan Falls.

Towering at the height of 180 feet, the picturesque Buruwisan Falls is the most known of the Siniloan waterfalls. Hundreds of tourists flock to this place especially on weekends.

Next - Lanzones Falls. 

This 70-ft waterfalls has mystique ambiance  After hours of walking under the sun, it’s rewarding to soak your tired body in its small and cold water pool. The surrounding sharp, jagged rocks are also ideal for practicing your rock climbing skills.  Too bad it’s high noon, so no birds in the area.

To reach the next falls, one must pass (and swim) this beautiful gorge.

And then... Batya-batya Falls. 

The name was derived from the deep catch-basin that separates the two-cascading small falls.

After another hour of river trekking upstream, we reached our last stop – Sampalok Falls. 

This is the most majestic of all the Siniloan waterfalls and very few visit this spot because of its distance from Buruwisan. It felt we have our own private water pool!

Late afternoon, we dragged ourselves out of the water and started our descent with smiles on our faces.


Mt. Romelo was a favorite weekend destination during our college years. However, incidents of robbery and hold-up became prevalent in the past years and we stopped visiting this place. Today, it seems local officials manage to stop (or contain) these crimes. Still, extra precaution and vigilance are advised when visiting this place.

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