taking up filmmaking class on weekends and it was an opportunity for me to jump start, awaken the creativity within (kung meron man akong ganun hahaha). sadly, it was also hard for me being stranded for more than 3 weeks in Metro Manila. felt really really exhausted. the stress and pollution of the city is killing me and in fact was sick for almost a week.
luckily, the class is about to end (next step: thesis- to produce our own film, o my gulay!) and i'm already daydreaming of the outdoors, dancing, communing with Mother Nature.
after the class, will definitely do the following:
spend cool, relaxing moments in Bahay ni Lola in Batangas with dear friends...
go diving, windsurf or just spend lazy afternoons in the beach, watching the sunset while drinking coffee or beer...
climb mt. makiling, my unicorn mountain. this year i will break the curse! :-) mt malarayat is also in the list, a promise to my Ala Eh friends....
and a day of spinning with Ani in the Sierra Madre Range of Bulacan-Rizal.
trips are open to everyone who wishes to waste their time with me hehehe. will post the schedule in the Billboard.
ooh and for the thesis, hopefully will be able to create my script and storyboard that I can shoot in the outdoors hahaha.

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