how to end a week

after almost 2-hours of beach clean-up, it's nice just to sit back, relax, have some snacks, barbecue and wine while watching the sunset, counting egrets and night-herons lazily flying towards their roosting areas. a very pleasant Sunday afternoon in Freedom Island with fellow advocates from the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines.
Note: the Las Pinas-Paranaque Coastal Lagoons (the brackish waters and mangrove forests beside the coastal road connecting Manila-Cavite), including the Freedom Island, is a declared bird sanctuary. Aside from huge volume of toxic trash filling up in the beach and mangroves, the whole protected area is also planned to be reclaimed (but I think the proper word is land-filled) to pave way for commercial and business establishment, high-rise condominiums etc. Our "green chief" Sec Ramon Paje of the DENR already issued an Environmental Compliance Certificate on the said project. The destruction of the Coastal Lagoons will have a great impact to the adjacent below-sea level communities and result to loss of habitat to millions of migratory and resident birds.
Freedom Island, Coastal Lagoons

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