thanks to our friends at Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) and the city government of Alaminos, i was able to visit again one of our natural wonders - the 100 islands of Pangasinan.
dubbed as one of the natural geological monument by the National Committee on Geological Sciences, the more than 100 islands and coral islets that sprouted in the Lingayen Gulf are estimated to be more than 2.0 million years old. this natural wonder is truly amazing and continues to baffle geologist and natural scientist around the world.
it rained so hard during our 3-hour boat trip but still, we managed to visit some of the favorite destinations such as the:
bat island
Quezon island
Cuenco island
enjoyed watching the different islands, trying to figure patterns out of them
ooh and lots of birds also. in fact, even migratory birds such as little egrets and whiskered terns decided to settle on this place. tsk tsk overstaying na...
lots of kalumpang trees in the islands
and best part is jamming with friends.
ay oo nga pala, kasama lang pala namin ay si ChinChin Gutierrez and Dong Abay hehehe
thanks GAIA for inviting us to take part in the city-wide environmental forum for your Zero Waste Alaminos project. congratz guys!
100 islands
Alaminos City, Pangasinan

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