riding adversity: a tribute

braving the congested and polluted streets, scorching heat of the urban jungle, fatigue and toil... Carmela Yap, 39, is one of the 4,000+ bikers who trooped the streets of Metro Manila on the 20th of November to celebrate the Araw ng Siklista.

the cyclists here in NCR leg and other major areas in the country unite on this day to highlight the need for policies and programs that will make our roads safe both for bike commuters and pedestrians.

but during the course of the bike tour, Carmela was hit by a passenger jeep. she was dragged for a few meters before the vehicle came into a full stop. the accident happened in front of Manila City Hall. the driver, who was detained, claimed that the jeep lost its brakes. Carmela suffered multiple fractured ribs, damage to her kidney and other internal organs, bruises, etc. as of today, she is still confined in Manila Doctors Hospital and continuously needs blood transfusion and medical attention. she may also undergo a medical operation.

Carmela before the accident (photo from CYCAD)

sadly, Carmela is just one of the many cyclists who became victims to road accidents and mishap because of lack of discipline of many motorists and lack of bike lanes that will make our streets safe for pedestrians and friendly to cyclist and non-motorize commuters.

the government and we, for that matter since government is the people (I wish), allowed that our streets should be utilized only by motorize vehicles. yet, only less than 20% of Filipinos owns a vehicle!!!

i love my mountain bike and I always encourage my friends to experience again the joys of biking, just like when we enjoyed it during our childhood. it’s like riding the wind amidst all the world’s adversities. It’s the ultimate eco-friendly and sustainable mode of transportation, a small contribution to our Mother Earth.

i salute all the cycling advocates all over the world. and my salute to Carmela. we wish for your speedy recovery so that you can ride again.

Carmela needs our help. if you wish to donate any amount to help her survive her medical expenses, please directly send your donations to Ms. Carmela Yap's bank account at Banco de Oro - Savings Account No. 005540126913. or drop them at Water Bottle for Carmela Fund at Carlito's BikeShop at CP Garcia ave. UP, Diliman, Q.C.

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