clash with the titans

meeting the titan face to face is a no-fun experience. scary look, sharp teeth, bulky but very agile, the titan triggerfish is definitely not the likes of Ariel’s friends. it’s a nasty beast, like a deadly assassin lurking in coral reefs.

one time, our butts have almost got bitten by a titan. luckily we saw it before it managed to give us a very big bite and chunk our flesh hehehe. for almost 10minutes, we swam as quickly as we can while trying to kick it away with our fins. we escaped but those nasty teeth definitely have been frequent in my dreams.

but upon learning the habits of the titans, i realized and started to admire them. the titans are very serious in guarding their eggs and nest and they will attack any threats, even bigger fishes and humans, within its immediate territory. size doesn’t matter on these creatures.

but still, everytime i see a titan during a dive or snorkel, my instinct will always tell me to “get out of her way!!!”. :)

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