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2011 will be my year of the mountain. very, very happy and fortunate that i will be able to climb (hopefully) again the highest peak of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao within the year - Mt. Kanla-on (last January), Mt. Apo (in a month) and Mt. Pulag (next birthday climb).

here is a sneak peek of our rooftops...

Mt. Pulag 2,922+ meters


from experience, the coldest mountain in the country. since my birthday falls on one of the coldest months, temperature during my recent climbs drops to 3 degrees and below. towering the cordillera mountain range, the majestic Mt Pulag offers a breathtaking view of the sun rising from the sea of clouds. other peaks of the cordilleras become islands in the vast white sea.

trekking can range from difficult to easy depending on the trail you. be sure to bring proper warm clothes since the cold can really be nasty especially in this altitude.

Mt Kanla-on, 2,435+ meters

(Negros Occidental-Negros Oriental)

one of the active and deadly volcanoes in our country, the majestic Mt. Kanla-on is both a symbol of death and life. it's pristine forest is a habitat to many endemic but critically endangered fauna and flora such as the negros bleeding heart, visayan leopard cat, visayan wart pig, etc.

at the summit, you will stand on the ledge while taking a peek at the giant crater below. the 360 degrees panoramic view is spectacular. you can see the nearby island provinces - cebu, guimaras, panay and siquijor. expect strong winds in the summit. trekking is from moderate to difficult.

Mt Apo, 2956+ meters

(Davao Del Sur, Davao City, North Cotabato)

a dormant volcano, the highest peak in the country is also a sacred mountain to many indigenous groups in the south. trekking is a test of perseverance but the ecosystems are simply.. wow!!! trail may include climbing giant boulders spawned by the volcano, sulphuric volcanic vents, high-altitude lakes, traversing mossy and dipterocarp forests and river crossing. ooh and if you’re very very lucky, you can even catch a sight of the majestic Philippine Eagle in flight.

hope lady luck will give me her blessing... :)

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