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revisiting the last 10+ days... a journey without moving, through meditation
yes yes i know, this is a travel blog and my personal senti crap should not be published in this wall :-). but attending the Vipassana meditation 10 days course, it felt like a roller-coaster journey of emotions even without moving physically. allow me to elaborate.
Vipassana is an ancient meditation technique, rediscovered and taught by Gotama the Budda 2500 years ago. Its a universal technique and Linkdoesn't require chants, mantras or rituals. It can be practiced by any person, regardless of their religion, ideology, race, etc. The course that I took was taught by Satya Narayan Goenka of Vipassana International Academy of India. the course officially starts at 8pm of Day 0 and ends in the morning of Day 11. the course itself is very challenging both physically and mentally. meditators will be in total isolation and will observe nobel silence, meaning any forms of communication with fellow meditators, verbal or gestures, are strictly prohibited. reading or any writing paraphernalia are also prohibited. a difficult predicament since no one forces you to isolate yourself. everyday, always hear this nagging tiny voice in my head saying "quit this crazy s@%t and go home!".
but thankfully, i stayed and managed to complete the course. it's a wonderful experience and Vipassana is a very useful technique that can aid anyone in their journey through life. you see whatever we are doing, running, walking or just being still, we are constantly moving, traversing our path in search of our happiness and "Truth".
since our childhood, we were bombarded by religion, society and literature of the true definition of the "Truth", and the right path that one must take to achieve happiness and salvation. knowing is a good thing but experiencing it, in the actual realm, is just simply wonderful.
i deeply encourage you to try this course. much has to be done still and for me, long path ahead. but every journey starts with one small step :)
for more info on Vipassana meditation and schedule of courses in the Philippines, check this site. cheers!

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