remembering the martyrs

backpacking in the North, and one of the highlights is the celebration of the 2012 Cordillera Day with the indigenous people of Abra.

a province of natural beauty marred by decades of militarization, political violence and warlordism, Abra is also the home of more than nine (9) katutubo tribes.  one of the sites of the 2012 Cordillera Day was held in the community of the Maeng in the upland town of Tubo.


Cordillera Day was first celebrated by the indigenous communities of the North to commemorate the death anniversary of Ama Macliing Dulag, a Kalinga tribal leader and martyr during the Marcos dictatorship. Macliing was one of the katutubo leaders who opposed the construction of a huge dam within the Chico River and was assassinated by members of the Phil Army on April 24, 1980. his death resulted to the cancellation of the dam project and brought forth unity among the many tribes in the Cordillera region. this annual celebration is facilitated by the peoples network Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA).

from Bangued, the capital of Abra, it will take additional 5 hours to reach the community of Maeng in Barangay Amtwangan. 


going across the mighty Abra river will require vehicles to board a makeshift barge. 

only in the Philippines :)

it  rained hard when we arrived in Tubo so we were forced to walk for more than one hour going to the upland barangay.  I love hiking so no problem, plus we need to cross suspension foot bridges, yey! 

the celebration was highlighted by tribal dances and songs, 


 camaraderie and integration with the katutubos,


understanding their issues and concerns,

and remembering Macliing and other martyrs.

....a very wonderful experience

2012 Cordillera Day

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