backpacking in the great Mindanao

break from full-time work and an opportunity to go backpacking, meet new people and explore new places.  to a 100% Tagalog and Luzon resident since birth, nothing will be more uncharted or unfamiliar than Mindanao.

so off for an expedition in the South -- one backpack, outdoor gears, road map, minimal budget and contacts numbers of friends.

after two weeks in the South…  I traveled to 3 regions ( Northern Mindanao, Caraga and Davao), traversed 7 provinces and 2 independent cities, trekked two mountains, witnessed six waterfalls, saw fascinating fauna and flora and met friends and new wonderful people.

some crazy stuff also during this trip- climb an active volcano, have newly harvest tuba (coconut sap) for breakfast, slept in a hammock under the full moon amidst stories of “wakwak”, got drunk in the middle of an airport runway, swam butt naked in ice-cold waterfalls, pooped in a floating toilet, 

got stranded in the middle of nowhere with a bad case of diarrhea, and trekked a mountain with shoes and sole already ripped apart.  

thank you Mindanao for a very wonderful experience.  next backpacking trip in the South hmmm… how about South Mindanao and ARMM :)


special thanks to my friends Rick, Lia and Tom, Jumar and Ann, Mavic and to HEED Foundation and IDIS family for the hospitality and wonderful experience.

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