squek squek

just came back from a 10-days backpacking trip in Region 11. during the trip, I visited my friend EJ who works in Tagum and she and her family hosted my stay in the said busy city. 

brief stay but still we managed to visit one of the city's remaining forested areas and here we saw groups of long-tailed macaques, wild boar and suprise, suprise... a tree squirrel.

reviewing the Field Museum database of Philippine Mammals (by far the best online guide) I was astonished to learn that we saw a Philippine Tree Squirrel, a Mindanao-Visayan endemic!

yes!!! already in my "lifer mammal list" are Busuanga Tree Squirrel and Northern Palawan Tree Squirrel, both species can only be found in Palawan.

two tree squirrel species left...

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