Amihan and Mt. Pulag

One of the fun activities that we look forward every Christmas season is the chilly, casual walk on a windy night. The soothing effect of the cold northeastern wind propagates good vibes and jolly mood.

But Amihan season can be more exciting when you visit the coldest region in the country, the Cordillera. And within this mountainous region, the best destination to be during the peak of Amihan (December-February) is definitely Mt. Pulag. Here are my five reasons:

Breath-taking sunrise. This split moment between darkness and light, when the sun slowly rises up in the sea of clouds and in glowing red-orange backdrop, is one of the most spectacular views that I've seen. No camera/video will be enough to capture this awesome experience. Since less typhoons (I wish) and rains during this period, higher chances of encountering this wonderful moment.

Sub-zero. Experience the butt-freezing below zero temperature in Mt. Pulag. Even the three degrees Celsius (and lower) in a high-altitude mountain is already a major pain in the ass, and an experience to die for. Those thick fleece and jackets gathering dusts in your closets will really be handy.  The lowest record that I knew in Mt Pulag is -6 degrees Celsius, December 2010.

Walk above the Clouds. Experience a beautiful trek above the clouds. The other major peaks of Cordillera such as Mt. Tabeo, Mt Ugo and Mt. Napulauan looked like islands in the sea of clouds.

Amazing wildlife. Mt. Pulag National Park is home to some of the country’s unique fauna and flora like giant cloud rats, boars and Philippine deer.  Amihan season also coincides with bird migration season. Rare sightings of extremely rare migratory birds such as yellow bunting and little bunting were recorded in this mountain. The peak also provides a good spot to view the travelling raptors.

Wonderful culture. Visit to Pulag can also means interaction with the indigenous Ibaloi. Interact with the rosy-cheeks children in their fleece school uniforms, or have quick chat with the women and men in their galvanized roofs walled houses. The freezing weather will encourage you to try the traditional delicacies such as hot-meal of pinikpikan, few shots of tasty tapuy (rice wine) or maybe try the nganga (mixture of beetle nut, lime and tobacco leaf) for dessert.

Mt Pulag is definitely the best place to be this season... :)



  1. Wow! Makakaya ko kayang akyatin yan? =)

  2. Op kors :) yakang-yaka mo yung trail lalo na sa ambangeg trail. Yung lamig ang real adventure :)